金狮娱乐骗人嘛,每日新闻播报(September 3)

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金狮娱乐骗人嘛,每日新闻播报(September 3)


>face swap app goes viral


a mobile application that enables users to appear as celebrities in hit movies or tv series has been widely accused of excessively collecting personal information, stirring public concerns over privacy and the rights to one's image. 近日,一款影视剧明星换脸手机应用因过度收集个人信息而受到广泛指责,也引发公众对于隐私及个人肖像权的担忧。

on the app, dubbed zao, users can choose from a pool of video footage and replace a star's face with their own by uploading their own high-definition photos featuring a full-frontal shot of their faces. 在这款名为"zao"的应用中,用户可以从大量视频片段中选择一个,上传自己的高清正面照来替换视频中明星的脸。

it attracted a large number of netizens soon after its debut on friday night, but many began to worry if their personal information would be disclosed and used by criminals amid the trend of facial recognition payment. 自8月30日晚上线以来,这款应用立即受到大量网友追捧,但在人脸识别支付已成潮流的大背景下,许多人开始担忧自己的个人信息是否会被泄露或被犯罪分子利用。

the app's sharing link on wechat has been shut down, and its web page said that "the page has security hazards and has received many complaints. in order to maintain a good internet environment, access has been stopped."目前"zao"在微信上的分享链接已被停止访问,其页面显示:"网页存在安全风险,被多人投诉,为维护绿色上网环境,已停止访问"。

us president donald trump speaks during an event to officially launch the united states space command in the rose garden of the white house in washington, u.s., august 29, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>us to launch space command


the us government announced the launch of the us space command to defend its interests in space. 美国政府近日宣布成立美国太空司令部,以捍卫其在太空的利益。

president donald trump ordered the establishment of space command late last year, making it the 11th unified combatant command of the us department of defense. 美国总统特朗普去年年底下令创建太空司令部,使其成为美国国防部的第11个联合作战司令部。

the newly-established space command is built to "protect america's dominance in space" by "employing assigned forces from every branch of the military" and "delivering combat power by operating superior space capabilities, such as communications, intelligence, navigation, and early missile detection and warning," according to a white house statement. 根据白宫发布的声明,组建新的太空司令部旨在通过从"美军各军事部门调遣特定部队",运用通讯、情报、导航、导弹先期探测预警等优秀的空间技术提供战力,"保护美国在太空的主导地位"。

the new command is believed to be a step towards building an independent space force, a plan that still requires congress' approval.据信,新的司令部是美国迈向建立独立太空部队的一步,不过该计划仍需获得国会批准。

queen elizabeth attends a royal garden party at buckingham palace in london, britain, may 29, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>the queen's cheeky prank


a group of american tourists failed to recognize the queen after they met her walking on her scottish estate. 近日,一群美国游客在英国女王的苏格兰居所偶遇正在散步的女王,却没能认出她。

the 93-year-old monarch had been out for a stroll on the grounds of balmoral castle in aberdeenshire, accompanied by protection officer richard griffin. she was dressed in tweeds and wearing a headscarf when she came across the group of tourists.当时这位93岁的君主在安保官员理查德•格里芬的陪同下在阿伯丁郡的巴尔莫勒尔堡散步,她戴着头巾、身着粗花呢衣服。

unaware of who she was they struck up a conversation and asked her if she lived in the area to which she replied that she did indeed have a house nearby. 这群游客遇到女王时非但没认出她,还与她攀谈起来。他们询问她是否住在附近,女王说她的确在这附近有栋房子。

balmoral castle has been a residence of the british royal family since 1852. 自1852年起,巴尔莫勒尔堡一直都是英国皇室的居所。

they went on to question whether she had ever met the queen herself. not wanting to reveal who she was, she enjoyed a private joke as she gestured towards griffin and said: "no but this policeman has." 接着,游客们又问她是否见过女王本人,不愿表明身份的女王开起了玩笑,指着格里芬说: "我没见过,不过这位警官见过哦。"

speaking to the times, griffin said that the group moved on after a short while and remained oblivious to her true identity.


the queen often enjoys a low-key lifestyle when staying at balmoral. she usually swaps her signature eye-catching colored dresses that she wears to royal engagements for pared-back clothes and wellington boots.在巴尔莫勒尔堡居住期间,女王的生活方式一般比较低调:她通常不会穿参加王室活动时穿的标志性彩色吸睛连衣裙,而是换上朴素的服装和长筒橡胶雨靴。


>internet users hit 854m


the number of internet users in china hit 854 million at the end of june, up 25.98 million from six months ago, according to a report by the china internet network information center. the increase brought the country's internet availability rate to 61.1%, up 1.6 percentage points, according to the report. 中国互联网络信息中心发布的报告显示,截至6月底,我国网民规模达8.54亿人,较2018年年底增长2598万人;互联网普及率达61.1%,较2018年年底提升1.6个百分点。

the report also showed that users of mobile internet reached 847 million, accounting for 99.1% of the total internet population, 29.84 million more than six months ago. 报告显示,我国手机网民规模达8.47亿人,较2018年年底增长2984万人;手机网民在整个上网人群中占比99.1%。

in the first half of the year, chinese internet users spent an average 27.9 hours per week online. 今年上半年,我国网民每周平均上网时长为27.9小时。

as for time spent on apps, the most popular were instant messaging software, taking up 14.5% of online time, followed by videos, short-videos, and music, at 13.4%, 11.5%, and 10.7%, respectively. 手机网民在应用程序上花费的时间方面,即时通信软件最受欢迎,网民在这种应用上耗时占上网时间的14.5%。视频、短视频、音乐类应用的使用时长占比分别为13.4%、11.5%和10.7%。

china's online shoppers numbered 639 million in june, accounting for 74.8% of the total internet population, the report said.手机网民在应用程序上花费的时间方面,即时通信软件最受欢迎,网民在这种应用上耗时占报告称,6月,我国网络购物用户规模达6.39亿,占网民整体的74.8%。

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